Su'entu 'Su'imari' Vermentino Sardinia, Italy 2018
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Su'entu 'Su'imari' Vermentino Sardinia, Italy 2018
Su'entu 'Su'imari' Vermentino Sardinia, Italy 2018

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The Pilloni family’s agricultural history begins in the 1950s when Ernesto Pilloni owned and operated farm lands and vineyards growing local varietals such as Nuragus and Monica grapes. The focus of this operation gradually shifted to the trade of cereals and grains. After being joined by his sons when they came of age, the family worked the trade sector together over the following 40 years. Drawing inspiration from the land they love, the family went to great efforts working the land under the direction of Salvatore Pilloni. They planted their first vineyards in 2009, saw their first harvest in 2012, and completed the opening of a new winery in 2015. The estate is situated a few kilometers from Sanluri in the hills of Marmilla in the south of Sardinia. The name of the town itself originates from the words logu de lori, meaning “the land of wheat,” and pays tribute to this area’s soil fertility which has made it the ideal place for growing all sorts of crops. The estate encompasses 80 hectares (197 acers), 32 of which are planted to vines on predominately clay-limestone soil, which is poor yet perfect for the production of high-quality grapes. The distinctive wind that constantly blows gave name to the winery. Su’entu, meaning ‘wind’ in the local Sardinian language, is a natural element synonymous with freedom, change, and life. Today, the winery is run by Valeria, Roberta and Nicola Pilloni, supported by a talented team of vine growers, agronomists, and enologists.

Varieties: 100% Vermentino


Alcohol: 13%


Farming: Sustainable


Vessel: Stainless Steel


Soil: Clay and Limestone


Serving Temperature: 53-57 Degrees


Glassware: All Purpose Glass


Drinking Window: Now-2023


Decanting: None


Tasting Notes: Golden Pears, Chamomile, Mineral


Pairing Suggestions: Stuffed Artichoke


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